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Chris Li
08-24-2013, 02:34 PM
Aikido Jurnal has posted a few more Romanian translations of the Aikido Sangenkai blog articles.

"Interview with Aikido Shihan Shigenobu Okumura, Part 1 (http://www.aikido-jurnal.ro/index.php?pagina=art_111)

------ English version (http://www.aikidosangenkai.org/blog/interview-aikido-shihan-shigenobu-okumura-part-1/)

"Interview with Aikido Shihan Shigenobu Okumura, Part 2 (http://www.aikido-jurnal.ro/index.php?pagina=art_112)"

------ English version (http://www.aikidosangenkai.org/blog/interview-aikido-shihan-shigenobu-okumura-part-2/)

"Morihei Ueshiba: Untranslatable Words (http://www.aikido-jurnal.ro/index.php?pagina=art_110)"

------ English version (http://www.aikidosangenkai.org/blog/morihei-ueshiba-untranslatable-words/)



Chris Li
08-26-2013, 12:03 AM
Hmm...it seems that the original subject line for the thread was changed (not by me).

The original title was "Aikido Jurnal", which was correct - "Aikido Journal" has nothing to do with the translations.

FYI - http://www.aikido-jurnal.ro