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06-27-2013, 08:45 AM
From Dan's site (http://www.bodyworkseminars.org/seminar-dates-and-locations-2013.html) (with permission)

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am going to be sticking closer to home this summer. I am proposing to do 4 day in-house intensives here at Shugyo dojo. The dojo is on my property. I am going to limit it to 16 participants at a time. I can let a few stay at the house, others can find very cheap lodging a few minutes away. We can all eat here at night together or go out.
For those who might want to plan some fun activities around a trip here; We can travel together or you can go alone. There is Boston of course, an hour away. There is also an historic village (Sturbridge village in Sturbridge Ma.) fifteen minutes away.
I am proposing to offer theintensive around a lengthy weekend stay.

Proposed schedule August 23-26
Friday to Monday
Training hours
9-12 (Review and individual assessment testing, individualized program for targeted areas needed for each person)
2-5 (Review and assessment of understanding and progress, individual drills)
7-9 (Solo training, and Weapons basics

9-12 (Questions and answer review, Solo training for many including new exercises)
2-5 (paired static training, review of progress)
7-9 (Weapons-kata basics)

9-12 (Paired combination "motion" drills as a precursor to intent in all application)
2-5 (expanded motion drills. Review of progress)
7-9 (Weapons-kata and IP application)

9-12 (Review of "motion" drills. Application of IP)
2-5 (Applications)
7-9 (Weapons-review and understanding)

Special notes:
This will be an extremely detailed hands-on session with me, morning till late at night. And as it is in my home- a very personal experience.For the first time, this session will be filmed

Costs $400.00 for four days.
I am also going to reserve the Thursday before and the Tuesday after for personal training on a one-on-one Cost is $60 per hour.

Future events will include bladesmithing demonstrations, cutting demonstrations, and introductions to forging
Payment to PayPal; homeoffice@charter.net