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06-26-2013, 05:50 PM
Minimum Energy Principle -
Energy in any form seeks stability at the lowest energy state possible, and will not transition to a new state unless acted on by another energy source. - Louis A. Del Monty, Unraveling the Universe's Mysteries
Notes to self:

Tightly coordinated mind/body - high energy state, sharply focused, suppression of conscious thought preceding action, expansion of awareness/contraction of reference.

Loosely coordinated mind/body - low energy state, diffused focus, conscious thought preceding action, contraction of awareness/expansion of reference.

Degree of coordination of mind/body (Ki) transitions to a higher degree in a conflict situation due to the influence of another energy source (uke).

Aikido is a vehicle for implementing the MEP.

Ki development work facilitates the transition to higher energy states brought on by influence of uke's energy input. Waza provides a mechanism for transitioning to lower energy states via the neutralization of uke's energy.

When engaged in solo training I become the energy source normally supplied by uke in paired training. Solo training takes me from a low energy state to a high energy state and back again. With time and experience I come to see uke as a physical projection of the same energy that I am capable of generating on my own. With an uke my inner solo training is externalized and brought to life.

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