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Kevin White
05-03-2013, 12:43 PM
Hi Folks,

First post here from Kevin White out of the Seishinden Dojo in London, Ontario, Canada.

Very pleased to find your forum here as I start my Aikido journey at the tender age of 52!.
(Well not really just started, as I have been at it now for about 7 months - but it feels like I just got on the mats!).

A fair bit of trepidation at first when I first bowed-in as I thought I may be a bit too long in the tooth to pick-up Aikido at such an advanced age. However, my fantastic Sensei, Mr. Derek Taylor, immediately put me at ease and gently introduced me to the wonderful world of Aikido.

As a consequence, my wife tells me now that I am somewhat infatuated with the art and can't get enough of it......the result - I have lost 10 lbs., lost 3 inches off the waist, just got my 4 Kyu (Aikikai-Kisshojuku) and started Iaido 2 months ago!......never felt fitter or better in my life.

Great to be here and hoping to contribute to the chat,