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07-26-2002, 11:56 AM
Some background! These days I'm helping out at a dojo. I show up and practice sometimes and also teach one night a week. I'm not a member but for a number of reasons I have been supporting this particular dojo as best I can.

Last night, one of our students was injured on the way to the dojo. He fell off his bike and broke 2 bones in his arm. Since I teach on Thursday nights and the people helping him couldn't find a contact they came and got me. Then the fun began.

When I checked for contact information on this student, a teen, we had none. Liability forms, which may have contact information on them, were scattered everywhere and were not all to be found in the office and none were found in filing cabinets. First Aid kit? Nah!

Nor am I without fault. My first aid skills are horribly dated which is about to be remedied as I have the local Red Cross site up as I write this.

Anyways, I'm curious what sort of policies and practices are instituted in your schools in regards to safety and preparedness.

PS: Just to have more fun. I recently took my car in for a parking brake repair (Ford recall). The knucklehead who worked on my car put the seat belt underneath the center cover so it was inaccessible. Since it was just done, I didn't even notice the problem. I had to drive the poor guy to the hospital without a seat belt.

PSS: The guy was a total trooper too. Two broken bones and nary a whimper. I was also very impressed at the communities willingness to help him. There were a half dozen people there helping him. It was very impressive.

07-29-2002, 10:03 AM
In the dojo where I practice, there are a number of safety precautions in place:

-All of the dozen or so instructors have to be certified in CPR, and renew their certification on an annual basis.

-There are two first aid kits in the dojo, and are restocked on a regular basis.

-The waiver forms (with emergency contact info) are kept centrally in a filing cabinet. These forms have to be revised at least every couple years.

-At seminars we always identify any physicians present so that any injuries or medical emergencies can be brought to their attention ASAP.

I have a hunch that most if not all of these policies were set up after a trial and error process over the dojo's twenty-five plus years existence.

07-29-2002, 11:51 AM
In order for me to teach at the base youth center, I'm required to maintain CPR and First Aid certifications. Additionally, we have several first aid kits on hand. The youth center maintains all contact information for me, however their data is often inaccurate so I have my own class roster with phone numbers on it.

The majority of the injuries we've had are simple cuts and minor abrasions (from the mats). We go through lots of bandaids, especially in the children's class.