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Toby Threadgill
03-06-2013, 07:07 PM

Do not miss this!

Meikyokai Aikido is pleased to announce that we will be hosting Sensei Robert Mustard and Sensei Toby Threadgill for a joint seminar in September 2013. This was a hugely popular event in 2012 and we have convinced both teachers to return again.

Please find below an overview of the seminar dates, venue and costs:

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2013
To be held at the Dartford Judo Club in Stone, Kent, just off junction one of the M25 with excellent road and rail links to the rest of the country.
The cost of the course is 100 for both days, however if you book before 1st July you will only pay 90.

For more information and the booking form please click here:


If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us at


Dartford Judo Club
Cotton Lane, DA2 6PD Dartford
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03-14-2013, 11:10 AM
Hi Sensei..

Looking forward to seeing you this year.

I had the pleasure of Training on the same seminar last year, was mind boggling, very impressive and both instructors have a deep understanding of the martial art. I am already signed up for this year's seminar and really looking forward to it..

p.s. the attendees last year were from different martial arts and not all Aikido, some Judoka, some Jyujitsu and some from karate.
Well worth it what ever your martial art, they can help you improve your martial art by understanding principles.. really impressive stuff.


Meikyokai Aikido
03-19-2013, 07:24 AM
Here is a review of the seminar that we held with Mustard Sensei and Threadgill Sensei last September. We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can in September 2013....

I could cover many topics from this seminar such as the teachers, the techniques that were taught, the fun that was had and so on. So where do I start when trying to review the Robert Mustard Sensei and Toby Threadgill Sensei seminar which was recently held at the Dartford Judo Centre in Kent.…

Having picked Threadgill Sensei up from the airport on the Wednesday morning having never met him before and then spending several hours in his company, I instantly understood why Mustard Sensei and him got on so well. From that moment, I knew we were onto something very special with the upcoming seminar and this was further compounded on the Friday afternoon in my living room where Threadgill Sensei answered my numerous questions in a very practical way.

Having organised this seminar, I wasn’t interested in running separate sessions where one teacher would sit off while the other taught. What a waste of these great teachers talent if they were not on the mat throughout the day sharing their knowledge. It was decided that Mustard Sensei would present the Yoshinkan principles and techniques with Threadgill Sensei showing where these principles came from through the Koryu arts and their application with the sword. Considering these two teachers had never taught at the same seminar before, it was a risk, however, a risk that paid off!

Participants had travelled from across the UK to partake in this unique seminar and we were fortunate to have people travelling from Greece, France and Portugal as well. Considering, some had only seen Mustard Sensei and others only Threadgill Sensei, they were all about to be exposed to something new. Numbers for the Saturday was better than expected, although I am always surprised how many people complain about how expensive martial arts courses are but I thought this was a bargain. How often do you get two genuine ‘masters’ of their arts on the mat at the same time, answers on a post card for this one I guess.

Both teachers amazed the students on the mat, made them laugh, had them scratching their heads, but most importantly they were explaining the same thing but differently. I think this can be very useful and highlights the point that it is important to train with high ranking teachers when the opportunity arises; as Mustard Sensei has always said to me “if you get the chance to see a high ranking teacher, GO, they might just say or do something that will make a difference”. From a personal point of view, this weekend made a difference in my training and I know they made a difference to a lot of other people as well. To see Mustard Sensei and Threadgill Sensei up close and personal is just awesome, as with the recent columns started By Ellis Amdur on the Aiki Web website, “it had to be felt”, well I can confirm that this is the case with these two teachers.

The atmosphere on the seminar throughout both days was great and everyone trained hard which is a credit to themselves and their teachers. The greatest show of respect to any teacher is to try the things they are showing even if it is something that you are not familiar with. From the comments that Mustard Sensei and Threadgill Sensei made to me, this was the case with the weekend just gone.

As the seminar came to end, I got the feeling that everyone was disappointed as they were learning so much and having a lot of fun. Therefore, considering the success of the event, we will be looking to hold this event again at some point next year. My advice to anyone who is serious about their training and wanting to figure this stuff out, is to speak to anyone who attended the seminar and ask if it was worth it? I know the answer to that question but I am biased…..

03-19-2013, 12:01 PM
if there is no youtube video, then it didn't happened. :)

Meikyokai Aikido
05-17-2013, 05:45 AM
The below has been posted with permission from Phil Eyers, Genryukan Aikido Club in Dover, UK. I thought it might be of interest to read a different summary of last years seminar :) .

Having attended a number of UK seminars with Robert Mustard since 2009, and also hosted him once at Genryukan in Dover, I am of course already a big fan.

His sense of humour alone makes for a really enjoyable atmosphere on the tatami. However, Mustard Sensei is very serious about aikido. It is also clearly obvious that after more than 40 years he still enjoys and finds aikido interesting.

What struck me when I met the man was that he is very big. In stark contrast to this, his aikido is very soft and appears effortless, yet it is very powerful. When I first grabbed Mustard Sensei's wrist with all my strength, I fell over. I had no idea why as he appeared to do very little at all. It felt like he had simply taken away all my power and balance.

Last year when Neil Saunders told me Robert Mustard and Toby Threadgill were going to be at a joint event, I was excited, however I wasn't sure how it would work with a Yoshinkan aikido Shihan and the headmaster of a Koryu (Takamura Ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu) teaching at the same event. Would they hold different days, or different sessions. I was amazed to then discover they were going to essentially teach together at the same time. I need not have worried, it worked brilliantly.

Threadgill Sensei is friendly, open and very keen to help. He demonstrated techniques that left everyone scratching their heads wondering how on earth they were done.

The two teachers took turns at instructing on the mat. So for instance, Mustard Sensei would demonstrate an important aikido principle. Threadgill Sensei would then discuss and cover the same principle but in the TSYR context.
These small sessions reinforced what was being covered from two different perspectives. It was a unique but immensely effective and enjoyable format.

If you want to sample world class budo at it's very best, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. It is really something to behold.

If you have never met these two great teachers, simply book your place on the course right now.

This quote from the Simpsons, referring to an advert for the "Springfield Mega Monster Truck Rally" applies to this seminar - "If you miss this event, you'd better be dead or in jail!"

Phil Eyers

Robert Cowham
09-18-2013, 10:25 AM
I attended the Saturday of the seminar this last weekend and had a great time.

Both teachers are very engaging, and very clear, and have fun while teaching, while there still being serious study involved.

Mustard sensei has a very clear style of teaching, and very clear techniques. He is tremendously powerful. The most impressive aspects for me were when he showed a couple of times the speed at which he can move and the accuracy of his technique and timing - wow!

Threadgill sensei's comments and instruction were fascinating. There is huge depth and subtlety to his body conditioning and the resulting techniques he can execute. Nothing particularly flashy, but it was clear how if a person with good body structure meets someone else, then the encounter is over at the first contact. He was totally open to showing anyone in the breaks and letting you feel it directly. This is very much the direction of my own personal research and I found it very inspiring and it has given me much food for thought and further practice.

Both of these fine gentlemen were also very sociable and approachable down the pub afterwards!

Highly recommended. Thanks to Neil for organising, and to the various other attendees with whom I enjoyed practicing. If you didn't go, you missed out!