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Dan Richards
02-20-2013, 11:50 AM
This is good stuff. And looking at the idea that so many movement and martial schools place the "core" of movement in the gut, it's interesting not just because it's a physical center, but also because there's a different kind of brain in our gut. Western scientists call it the "enteric nervous system."

The more we turn our studies from something you can see and think about into something we feel and sense, the more we're practicing an art directed from the gut.

Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut

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Dan Richards
02-20-2013, 12:40 PM
This seems to be related to Ueshiba not liking kata as much as wasa. Wasa gets us early into feeling. Gets us right into gut-centered learning - and with it the "feeling" which we can view as the internal art of aikido.

Karate calls two-man training bunkai. It's interesting that I've had the experience of training with karateka who may have many years of experience doing solo kata. When I work with them on "wasa" - or sort of their version of "bunkai" - they often don't have the feeling aspect in their bodies about what they're actually doing in any given movement.

Ueshiba had great insight into these arts, and how to guide us to the stronger, faster, and more sensitive internal art on a more direct and experiential level.

This also gives us some insight as to why many internal arts shown on video don't really look like much. Especially for those who have little to no experience with arts on these levels.