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lars beyer
02-09-2013, 01:23 PM
Hi aikiweb gals and guys !

Basically (I) practise 3 "modes" of learning. (disregarding the fourth called takemusu aiki(do))

Solid form: Kihon. You perform aikido technique from a static situation. Saito Sensei said that if you are grabbbed in a static position you should be able to perform your technique anyway regardless of your partners strength.

On an "intermediate" level we practise "awase", where we time the rhythm of the attack with a corresponding technique 1 to 1 without "leading" our partner- this is s matter of understanding timing and maai.

Ki no nagare.
We put ourselves in the position where we believe that we can look just a fraction into the future and "lead" our training partner into our perception of the technique we perform, hence all the talk about
mind, intention etc. Yet we work with the present, not the future.

What is your take on these aspects of training and understanding the timing aspects of Aikido ?


This is offcourse how I understand aikido practise..