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07-17-2002, 10:24 PM
7/17/2002 10:23pm [from Keith Moore (info@shinjinkai.org)]
Website: http://www.shinjinkai.org

Aikido Shinjinkai (http://www.shinjinkai.org), headquartered in Chicago, USA, announces that it is accepting applications for two openings in its Uchideshi/Professional Instructor Training Program. The program requires a minimum one year committment, with a three-month initial probation period. The maximum period of the training is three years. A grueling daily schedule of Aikido, Zen meditation, Iaido, and other activities is offered at Aikido Shinjinkai H.Q.; participants are also trained in all aspects of dojo and organizational operation, from cooking and cleaning, to management and seminar operation. Uchideshi reside in an apartment next to the dojo, and are permitted time for outside employment in order to support themselves and provide health insurance. Other than this, their lives are completely centered on the dojo and daily training. The Uchideshi Program requires a commitment to endure intense training involving high physical and emotional pressure. Some traveling may be involved in connection with special events. Sincere applicants of any level or rank, organization, or either gender will be considered. Interested persons should contact Keith Moore, Aikido Shinjinkai Director, by email (info@shinjinkai.org) or telephone: (773) 472-3290.