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Young-In Park
01-15-2013, 12:41 AM
Chief Instructor Brandon Ishisaka sensei explains proper etiquette at Orange County Aikikai during a children's class.


Ishisaka sensei also demonstrates how to tie a belt.


According to the web site, Ishisaka sensei has been training for 28 years.

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Gary David
01-15-2013, 09:23 AM
Orange County Aiki Kai (OCAK) is where I started Aikido in 1974 under the direction and instruction of Brandon Ishisaka's grandfather Harry Ishisaka, who founded the dojo in1964. At that time Brandon could be seen on occasion running around the dojo as a noisy 2 year old. You could say that Brandon's introduction to Aikido was around that time with his grandfather. I have a picture of Brandon as a young yellow belt in the children's class, so the 28 years of training is correct.

Following the passing of Harry Ishisaka Sensei the dojo continued as a functioning and viable entity under the stewardship of a four of capable individuals succeeding each other as dojo cho with the first three being direct students of Harry Ishisaka Sensei. As OCAK approaches it's 50th year in continuos operation the responsibilities of dojo cho have returned to a member of the founders family Brandon Ishisaka Sensei.