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01-13-2013, 11:21 AM
Dear AikiWeb Members,

As usual with the dawning of a new year, I feel a sense of renewal in many aspects of my life, including here on AikiWeb. Through the last 12+ years of AikiWeb, I've made many changes and additions to the site -- all done in the spirit of improving the website in one way or another. I like to hope that these changes have added up to creating a website that cultivates a community where all aikido practitioners, regardless of training level, location, background, affiliation, or interests feel welcome in coming together to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. This has been and still is my intention for the website and I hold it personally to be of the utmost importance.

Today, I am putting into place another addition to further this intention by creating a new "Internal Training in Aikido" forum:


The "Internal Training in Aikido" forum will be a place for people to talk about internal training practices in the art of aikido, in so far as this relates to their personal aikido training.

With the creation of this forum, I will be asking for your cooperation and will be enforcing a few rules concerning the new forum:

1. If you wish to discuss the subject of internal training, your posts must reside in the above Internal Training forum. This means that if you wish to add your thoughts from an internal training standpoint to an already existing thread, you need to start a new thread in the Internal Training forum. Otherwise, if I see posts outside of the Internal Training forum with overt references to internal training, I will either move them or simply delete them.

2. As before, if your discussion of internal training is based on another art (e.g. Daito-Ryu, Chinese martial arts) and your post does not explicitly discuss how you are exploring the use of said internal training within your current aikido training, you will need to use the "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" forum.

I appreciate everyone's support and understanding regarding this new forum, and hope it will facilitate bringing focus to the discussions here on AikiWeb this year and the years ahead.

Thank you,

-- Jun