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Howard Popkin
11-26-2012, 02:55 PM

A Systema Instructor was injured in an accident and Mark J. has started up an auction to raise money for his care.

I have joined in by offering a seminar, but there are a host of great things there, and the money all goes to a really great cause.

"Charity silent auction in support of the Gene Edward Smithson 2012 Trust.

All proceeds collected from this auction will donated to assist Gene Smithson and his family during their time of need. Early in November Gene was critically injured in a training accident. The bills from helicopter transport, multiple surgeries, several days in ICU, rehabilitation and extended lost income will be a huge burden on Gene and his family.

Gene is a long time Systema instructor in Austin, Texas who has helped and aided many people through the years. Always positive and patient Gene is one of those ‘good guys' that helps keep our crazy world balanced. "

For more info - please go to the facebook page that Mark J. created.

Thanks !



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