View Full Version : Passive and active aggression

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Stefan Hultberg
11-15-2012, 04:09 AM
Hi everybody

Funny to read the thread about marketing/advertizing etc. Graham came up with an op that a number of others - straight off - considered passive aggressive. No, I haven't been that active for a while and I can't judge whether that reaction is correct or not, but it seemed to have to do with previous experiences and preconceived ideas rather than the post itself. Then things hottened up - the thread went from "passive aggressive" to active aggressive in my opinion and a number of writers attacked Graham, pressured him to go specific, tried to humble him with aggressive jokes (reggae-hat etc.). Graham did not turn aggressive, did not insult back.

In my opinion Graham's op was ok, it was wrong to suggest it removed and it was wrong to close the thread. Seems to me some people are on the aikiweb positive-list and others are on the negative-list. Seems to me a couple of other writers should be blocked due to their attacks on Graham - "reggae hat", "troll just trying to str things up" etc. On top of that there are the inevitable wisebag comments from all these dan-ranking experts who all know what real aikido is supposed to be.

No, this is not about Graham, his views or his writing-style. This is about the others, the Graham-beaters. Try to show a little aiki, try to show some dignity, try to let Graham have his opinions, try to keep your own aggression in check.

11-15-2012, 10:34 AM
Let's try to keep feedback in the future to not be so personal, please.

Thread closed.


-- Jun