View Full Version : Harmony and difference on the mat.

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11-04-2012, 01:27 PM
I love Aikdio.

I've seen a lot of drama in a lot of spheres, including past martial practices, and past religious organizations. (and I consider Aikido to be something akin to both at once)

I just finished a class where shodan or higher outnumbered kyu students 5 to 3.

No 2 shodan seem to have the same Aiki, and yet, all are doing true and valid Aikido, and could respect each other and each others Aiki, and could explain how each variation still spoke to the core underlying principles and flow necessary to make the waza work.

I think there's something beautiful here. Of course, all of them were very effectively putting people on the mat, and that type of simple proof may make much of this simpler than the politicking I've seen in religious circles, where "truth" is very ephemeral.

Still, it just makes me incredibly happy to see how different people can demonstrate the same waza in different ways, and have them all illustrate the same key principles, and the same underlying structures and harmonious blending.

I don't really have a point, I'm not trying to start a real dialog, I just wanted to share with someone how much I love this practice. =)

-- James

11-04-2012, 01:30 PM
Thank you, James!