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10-06-2012, 05:43 AM
Hideo Ohba, assistent of Tomiki in Manchuria
In Hideo Ohba's biography (Manchuria period) there is the following section :
Hideo sometimes tested his martial techniques in matches. One day a team match of Jukenjutsu (bayonet fighting techniques) vs. Kendo took place. He was told by his Kendo teacher to fight the first match for his team because his Kendo skills had improved by that time. He was pleased but the next moment asked the teacher if he could fight the match with a Naginata instead of a sword. He was allowed to use his Naginata against the Jukenjutsu man. At that time there were five or six masters of Jukenjutsu among the officers in Shinkyo and Hideo's opponent was one of these masters. When they showed up at the dojo to have the match, Hideo's opponent was not wearing leg guards. The referee, who was a master of Jukenjutsu
said to Hideo, "Since your opponent is not wearing leg guards, it is impossible for you to fight a match against his Juken with your Naginata." Hideo answered, "I will not attack his legs." Then the referee encouraged Hideo's opponent by saying, "He won't attack your legs. Good luck to you." Hideo could hardly believe that such a referee existed. But he fought the match as hard as he could and beat his opponent, by attacking only his wrists (kote) and head (men). The Kendo team also beat the Jukenjutsu team. Later in Hideo's life, after the war, he beat many well-known swordsmen with his Naginata.

See the following videoclip, see how they did their "shiai"...... but it is not Ohba