View Full Version : Moving Meditation, action in motion.

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Bruce Baker
07-11-2002, 07:41 AM
Moving meditation, the ancestor to using ki/chi energy in all movement.

I am getting annoyed at the misuse and wrong usage of Ki/chi energy for training, techniques, and exercises by many of the threadwriters as they are refering to the practice and training of "Moving Meditation" or inducing a meditative state of mind while physically moving.

How many of you have had teachers who encourage you to research the meditation of Hindu or older sects of Buddhist practice?

Did you practice meditation from verbal instruction, or have you gone deeper in the application of using meditation while doing physical endeavors during the day?

If I told you the real secret to most martial arts is doing a form of moving meditation would that change your focus from merely physical learning experience to a deeper meaning of practice that transcends pain and pleasure concept of physical training?

I know that many old concepts were introduced, changed to fit Chinese and Japanese culture, and they did improve many of the religious or meditation practices. But, to gain proper insight into using what many mistaken for physical ki/chi, you must enter a state of moving meditation.

Should we open a program of meditation to address proper training of body and mind?

Bruce Baker
07-11-2002, 07:50 AM
For those of you who associate moving with emotional experience .... NO .... I am refering to the actual motion of physical movement while focusing on one thought, or no thought.

Much like Tom Sawyer suckered his friends into painting the fence and thinking it was fun, this becomes an example of moving meditation.

Although at the end of the meditation you could be emotionally moved at being refreshed and relaxed from a physical endeavor, the actual meditation is not emotionally influenced by this state of mind during the practice.