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Chris Li
09-01-2012, 03:35 PM
If you've been following the interview series with Hiroshi Tada (http://www.aikidosangenkai.org/blog/) on the Aikido Sangenkai blog you might also be interested in these articles on Tempu Nakamura - "Heaven's Wind: The Nakamura Tempu Story", by Stephen Earle:




Ellis Amdur
09-02-2012, 12:54 AM
It is a fascinating story - several caveats
1. Toyama Mitsuru is made out to be some kind of benign activist for democracy and the working class. This is ahistorical in the extreme.
2. Reading through the story that Earle writes, there are a lot of things that simply don't ring true. Three women murdered by Cossacks, one woman left with a sword impaling her. It is unimaginable to me that someone would leave their weapon behind, no matter how degraded a corpse they wished to leave.
3. Another example - Nakamura is a spy, captured by the Russians, who hold him for a month, and it is alleged that they tried everything they could to get information out of Nakamura, but couldn't. Oddly, they did not use torture or are even described as hitting him.

Remarkable man though Nakamura may have been, this story reads like a manga for the gullible, much like several other martial arts spies - Takamatsu Toshitsugu & Nakano Michiomi (aka So Doshin).