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08-20-2012, 01:23 PM
About 5 years ago I designed a shirt to help defray the costs of my training and seminar travel with proceeds to benefit my dojo. I have not been able to train in the last few years due to financial obligations and funny enough, I was able to find a box of the shirts hanging around in our store room during some cleaning. I am getting rid of these at the cost that I paid for them to be printed with the hopes that I can use the money to re-visit my training! Please help! I miss practicing with my friends so much!

I have a limited number of these available however I am also looking to liscense the design to someone who would be willing to re-print them to make money to support their training, uchi deshi, or raise money for a dojo. Please get in touch with me or visit the link below to purchase from the stock I have.


Thank you again for all your help!