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graham christian
08-03-2012, 03:46 PM
Jason Casteel asked the question "What do you guys do?" with regards to Ki testing.

Well there are many which we do but I always do them from the view of comparison. In other words I get the student to feel, to experience the difference between using the principle given versus using something else. Both have to be done by the person being tested.

There's a whole list ie:

1) Being pushed back from seiza.
2) Being pushed from standing, all sides.
3) Being in stance whilst someone tries to lift up your leg/foot, each foot.
4) Being pushed whilst bending over as if you are tying your shoe lace.
5) Standing whilst two people take an arm each and try to lift you up.
6) Unbendable arm.
7) Making a 'ring' by connecting forefinger and thumb and someone trying to pull them apart.
8) Arm and palm outstretched in front of you and someone trying to push you backwards.
9) Coming up from bacwards ukemi whist someone tries to push you down.
10) Pushing against ikkyo exercise.
11) Trapping wrists of someone doing ikkyo exercise.
12) Trapping wrists of someone cutting with bokken.
13) Lifting hands of person doing saiwundo exercise.

Many to do.

If anyone has some interesting ones to share please do.