View Full Version : Opposing Rotation?

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07-14-2012, 02:07 AM
There are some techniques or movements I have that just seem to go, no thought, they're always heavy, always fast, and I don't have to practice. And then there are others that just seem to never work, regardless of the time and effort I put in; they're always slow, always light, and never really move anyone.

So I started to compare A to B. A is ok and B sucks. Why?

What I found is that the "A" or ok move always seemed to have some component of oppositional rotation. That is, my body may be rotating inwards (towards my center) but my arm is rotating away from my center. It's kind of a weird feeling and I have it more with the moves that have a lot of repetitions behind them.

Now, if I take something, like a hook for example - and turn my body inwards and also rotate my arm inwards so that both are kind of going in the same direction - well, that just kind of sucks.

A better experience is a move with the waist going in one direction and spine going the opposite way, success rate is much higher.

So, how do you train this? What are the underlying principles? How is it refined? Any experiences?