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Quentin Cooke
06-29-2012, 06:29 AM
I am a director for Aiki Extensions, the international group based the USA, that seeks to take aiki principles off the mat and makea difference in some very difficult situations and to communities at large.

Too cut a long story short, recently I had the privilege to meet Bob Frager Sensei, who uggested that I should try and put together a book of aikido stories about how students have used what they learn on the mat to get a positive outcome, when perhaps they least expected it and so affirmed the value of what they have learnt through aikido. I am sure that you will have had students over the years tell you such tales and may well have experienced a few yourself. I want to put together a collection, as I am absolutely sure that it will prove very inspirational and motivational for any aikido student. Itís the sort of thing that any club might like to own and would make a great gift. Because it is such an attractive proposition, it will be a great fund raiser for Aiki Extensions, which will help them support some great charitable projects that have huge benefit for the recipients.

A quick perusal of this site has found a few gems, and so i have decided to start mining. If you have a tale yourself or know someone that does can you email me at q.cooke@ntlworld.com. Firstly i'd love to hear your tale, but secondly I can send you a poster detailing the sort of thing we are after and if you could talk about this in your dojo and hang the poster, I would be most grateful.

I can tell you that I have already had my first submission, which was incredibly profound and very moving, so I absolutely know that we have an opportunity to create a seminal work here , that can only do good for our art. Whatís more itís the gift that keeps on giving. Iím hoping for many volumes over the years, which will not only raise some money for Aiki Extensions , which will help it grow the great work that it does, but will showcase why we do what we do.

I thank you in anticipation of your help.

Quentin Cooke
Aikido for Daily Life
Director of Aiki Extensions