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06-27-2012, 03:06 PM
Posted 2012-06-27 14:04:36 by Enmei Hunter
News URL: http://www.aai-polska.pl/ulotki/lsa2012en.pdf

The 14th Annual International Aikido Summer Camp, a friendship event organized by AAI-Polska, will be held in Iława, Poland August 12-18. Primary instructors are: Meido Moore Sensei (6 dan) Shinjinkai, USA; Tomasz Krzyżanowski sensei (5 dan) AAI–Polska, Poland; Robert Malic sensei (4 dan) Eidokan Dojo, Croatia. Special guest instructor: Urban Aldenklint Shihan (6 dan) Iyasaka Aikidoklubb, Sweden. Room, board and training are included in the camp fee. For English-language information please click the headline link. This event is part of an ongoing pan-organizational Aikido International Exchange Program organized by dojos from USA, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Greece, Croatia and Slovenia. For more information on this please go to www.shinjinkai.org.

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