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05-14-2012, 11:30 AM
I connect with uke in all three realms; manifest, hidden and divine.

Our manifest connection is characterized by our physical contact and our motion. Our motion, if in concert, dictates physical contact that is suggestive and encouraging rather than demanding and forcing. When we move in concert we move as one, our kinetic energies becoming additive.

Our hidden connection is somewhat harder to characterize; it is, after all, hidden. The hidden realm is the province of the mind, the seat of emotive behavior. My goal in connecting on this level is to become something of a void into which uke's emotional energy may fall and be dissipated. I can be engulfed by uke's emotions but I do not provide them a place to land. I let them swirl down into the void I have created and let them blow themselves out harmlessly.

Our divine connection... well, truthfully, I am still working on formulating a metaphor for this. I have only recently been able to verbalize the role of spirit as the facilitator of the mind/body unification process and as of yet I have not been able to see how this translates to a connection with uke in the divine realm. Perhaps our divine connection enables the unification of nage and uke into nage/uke in much the same way that my spirit enables and augments my mind/body emergence. I will continue exploring this aspect of my training and revisit it in a future post.

(Original blog post may be found here (http://ron-aikidothoughts.blogspot.com/2012/05/two-hundred-and-sixteen.html).)

graham christian
05-16-2012, 04:34 PM
Ron, I have a different view when it comes to the three realms which may or may not help you in your quest.

The first realm physical as you say.

The second realm is the spiritual, the spiritual, non physical, truer aspects of self. This realm includes much of the principles you already follow and maybe even more. It includes neutral, non resistance, love, blending, Ki etc. etc. and the principles which are inherent. This is also true mind the spirit/mind realm is one and the same.

The third realm is the realm of the divine or holy or god or universal or however else you want to put it including infinite.

If you excuse me putting it simple (some may say being simplistic) but I like to call it putting some perspective on it to take away significance I would give you one example:

I believe the way you practice Aikido you will be aware of your own spherical, spiritual space and it's use in Aikido. I assume also that you may equate love with this space. If so then that would be an example of part of the second realm. Your space, your love, your Ki etc. all being utilized in blending with the same of the others.

Now if you can imagine reaching beyond your space and love and joining with the universal love then you will be experiencing the third realm.

Thus Ki wise too you get to get better and better reality on your own Ki and that of others first and then when you let yours join with the infinite or universal Ki then you start to experience the third realm.

Such is my view anyway in theory and in practice.

Peace. G.

05-16-2012, 08:56 PM
Thanks Graham. I always enjoy reading your views.