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05-08-2012, 02:28 AM
Allen Beebe sensei will be teaching a seminar during the last weekend of July in Zwolle (the Netherlands). We would like to invite you to attend these training sessions.

Allen was a student of the late Shirata Rinjiro, one of the famous names of early aikido. In these sessions Allen will be covering the core basis of Shirata sensei's teachings—the building blocks which make the techniques of Aikido possible. These teachings are called Tan Doka Dosa, a series of thirteen solo exercises containing almost all of the movements necessary for aikido and organized so that, when performed regularly, one can train the core body elements necessary to produce aiki.

"I believe that for Shirata sensei his Tan Doku Dosa and Ken Kata are of inestimable importance to the understanding and unlocking of Aikido, they are his effort to "unpack" Aikido as taught to him [by Ueshiba sensei] and I cannot imagine understanding Aikido without this treasure." Allen Beebe

For the past two years Allen has been training on a regular basis with Dan Harden who has presented renewed insight on the topics of internal power and aiki. It is Dan's wish to reinvigorate the training of internal power and aiki within the Aikido community. People who have attended Dan's seminars applaud his pedagogical approach and his willingness to share the necessary elements for internal power and aiki training.

"I think Allen's point was that the tandokudosa will reveal nothing and do little without the keys to understand them. Then, magically, they make an incredible amount of sense. Otherwise, as is the case with many things seen in budo, we see good men wasting a whole lot of time doing so much that yielded so little…
This is a compelling body of work by someone I have always admired. It was sheer luck that Allen and I even met and formed a friendship. We had to get to know and trust each other for a dialogue to ensue. I understood Allen's hesitation to show them to me and I hesitated to show what was in them and what they were for... Out of respect for Shirata, we don't want to see his work turned into yet more crap in the hands of far too casual budo people," Dan Harden

Dan and Allen have examined the Tan Doka Dosa together and Allen will be presenting Shirata's Tan Doka Dosa in light of Shirata sensei's transmission of Ueshiba osensei's Aikido and Dan Harden's aiki training paradigm.

"During the era in which he [Ueshiba] actively taught, he produced some remarkable men; Inue, Shirata, Mochizuki, Tomiki, Shioda, Hisa etc. These men were pretty substantial in their day." Dan Harden

"Shirata had connection and it was on display in free movement with weapons." Dan Harden

"Shirata....comes up with a series of power building exercises that include breath power, the use of kua and mingmen (as was the case in many JMA, not using those terms, but the mechanics), and some other interesting things more akin to DR than modern aikido!" Dan Harden

This seminar with Allen will be generally informal and interactive. There will be ample opportunity for question and answers throughout. For this reason we would ask that you wear normal exercise clothing or other loose comfortable attire.

"Another group pursuing this are Shirata's guys in Oregon and the Netherlands. As I stated here, Shirata was one of the greats under Ueshiba, and lo and behold, he had solo exercises that actually had value and work" Dan Harden

The training takes on Saturday 28 July (09:30-12:00h and 14:00- 16:30h) and Sunday 29 july (09:30-12:00h and 14:00- 16:30h).

Our dojo:
Basisschool De Klokbeker (http://maps.google.nl/maps/ms?msid=212732822140091581994.0004bb5d42a1412d9f811&msa=0)
IJsselcentraleweg 65,
8014 BK Zwolle

The seminar fee is € 50,-/ day (€ 100,- / weekend). You can transfer the fee to Gironummer 7370080 t.n.v. Stichting Aikido Zwolle.
Or you can transfer the fee using paypal. Please send it to walter@walteroudewesselink.com

Registration is desirable as the seminar is limited to ensure the interaction between Allen and the attendees.

For more information you can e-mail to walter@walteroudewesselink.com
Or call (0031) 6 20 396 019

Both Allen Beebe and Seikokan look forward to a very informative and enjoyable weekend. We hope you will join us in Zwolle.

05-08-2012, 07:33 AM
them dutch always get the good stuffs! they got the red light district, the legalized weed, a boat load of IS experts come and have a good time... i meant teaching. not to mention the cheese and funny shoes. :)

05-08-2012, 07:40 AM
them dutch always get the good stuffs! they got the red light district, the legalized weed, a boat load of IS experts come and have a good time... i meant teaching. not to mention the cheese and funny shoes. :)

So you are coming over?


05-08-2012, 09:02 AM
So you are coming over?


are you kidding? i am married with children. my life is no longer my own. i couldn't even get to some of seminars here in the states, and could only drool from a distance. :drool:

Allen Beebe
05-08-2012, 05:42 PM
are you kidding? i am married with children. my life is no longer my own. i couldn't even get to some of seminars here in the states, and could only drool from a distance. :drool:

Hi Phi,

I hear you! I'm married with children too. I just spoke with my wife and we have $18 in the checking account to see us through to the end of the month! My son's birthday is Friday, but my wife says it is okay because she already bought a couple of toys, has some cake mix and thinks she might find a few bucks in the laundry. Yesterday I attended a meeting where I was asked to "donate" the 2% raise contractually promised me (for one year) after having waited several years with no cost of living increase or raise until this promised year. I'm supposed to do this so that the firing of teachers (this year) doesn't go over 100 positions. Firing those folks would raise unemployment, eliminate whatever remaining support programs still exist (a few schools still have music and/or PE) and raise class sizes. My kids are at my school, so I feel it both ways . . . say, "No" to a living wage? Say, "No" to a good education for my kids? I keep telling myself, "At least I have a job." That was supposed to be the "big benefit" my parents and grandparents talked about. "They don't lay off teachers in a depression." Up dated correction: "They don't lay off ALL teachers during a depression."

Anyway, I hear you. Hang in there!

If you ever find yourself out in Oregon please look us up!

All the best,

[BTW, in case my post sounds like Mr. Pouty pants, I was just sharing facts. Some other facts to consider: I may not have a lot of money, but I'm not poor. I come from a supportive family never short on love. I have a terrific wife and fantastic kids and we are never short on love. I have damn good friends and we are never short on love. My martial arts training is better than ever (my training not necessarily me) and my training brothers and sisters never hesitate to share the "love." I've got a decent job that is harder than hell, but I've learned to love my job as much as I love my students. Playing my guitar is free! :cool: When I count my blessings (and I've made a habit of counting my blessings when I count my cash) I am truly ASTOUNDED at the wealth poured out on me! :D ]

06-30-2012, 07:31 PM
In 5 weeks Allen comes to the Netherlands to teach Shirata Sensei’s exercises which were designed to generate, and integrate, IP / Aiki within the waza commonly (and not so commonly) associated with aikido.

Room remains for those wishing to begin learning these essential, and universally applicable, teachings of Shirata Rinjiro (10th Dan Shihan).

I have made also a Facebook with more information: