View Full Version : Help! Is my new Dojo any good?

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04-29-2012, 04:14 AM
I've recently moved to Melbourne, Australia and found this Dojo:
www.martial.com.au/ (http://www.martial.com.au/)
Problem is it's a bit more expensive than I have experienced back home in New Zealand.
Back home I was paying around $50 AUD a month for 3 classes a week and that basically included the yearly membership fee.

At 'Field Aikido' its expected to setup an automatic payment of $120 AUD a month for 3 classes...

After looking the website above I'm suspicious regarding all this focus on 'Becoming a Black Belt' and other cheesy self righteous smack and became even more uncertain after reading:

Has anyone here been a student of Michael Field?
Is he any good?
Is this place a ripoff?
Are there any other Melbourne Dojos in the same area?

:sorry: Help me before I lose all my money to a possible sub standard school! :sorry: