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Graham Farquhar
04-27-2012, 05:07 PM
I am sharing this link which I happened across of Abbe Kenshiro Sensei who brought Aikido to the UK. The film is courtesy of Henry Ellis Sensei ( a regular contributor here) and I would encourage interested parties to view some of the excellent historical information on his websites.


I have heard lots about Abbe Sensei from my own teacher and viewing this was struck by how centred he was and what athleticism and agility he posessed at what at the time of this video he would have been mid to late 40s. I know this is not an Aikido video but there is so much to take from the video not least how easily kuzushi is taken. Also at one point there is almost a demonstration of unraisable body which Tohei Sensei popularised.

Although not a judoka myself, I would welcome comments from this with a wider knowledge on what they also take from the film!

A big thank you to Ellis Sensei for sharing this and all the other information you hold on the early days of Aikido in the UK it is greatly appreciated by many.


Graham Farquhar
04-27-2012, 05:14 PM
A small post script! If you read "It had to be felt number 11 Abbé sensei- view the film as "it has to be seen!" :D

But seriously some of us weren't practising or even born when some had a chance to feel this - seeing it in action is the best we can get!