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Robert Coons
04-17-2012, 02:43 PM
Hello martial arts friends,
my name is Rob.
I am working at a Canadian university in China, organizing an international semester with Canadian students. I spend my time between the Toronto area, Shanghai, and Sapporo Japan (where my girlfriend is located).
I have studied martial arts for close to a decade, but never Aikido or other Jujutsu styles (with the exception of a little bjj and small circle stuff, which I am given to understand doesn't have the same spirit as the Japanese lineages). I mostly do Bagua, taiji, and xingyi under various teachers in Canada and China.
Because I spend so much time in Sapporo, being rather keen to get out of Shanghai and see my lady, I want to find a good group to practice with there. I previously looked for Judo schools, since I like grappling, but recently I managed to mangle my shoulder and basically can't do freestyle grappling for a few weeks, or maybe months. Technique practice is fine though, because it is easier to control.
I'd be keen on studying either Aikido, Daito ryu, or some other ju jutsu styles, as long as they focus on mostly empty hand work, and also emphasize at least a small bit of weapons practice.
I don't know those styles, so I don't have a lot of ideas about what is or is not good,
just would be happy to train some fun material that can give me new insight into what martial arts are about.
I haven't made any decision to be serious or not,
if I find something I like, then I'll put real effort into it.

I'm really keen to make some friends on here, and if any of you are in Sapporo or Shanghai, I'll take you out for a drink!!!

Best wishes!

Robert Coons

04-17-2012, 02:43 PM
Hi Robert,

Welcome to AikiWeb.

-- Jun