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Zoe S Toth
04-02-2012, 01:36 PM
Hello all!

Seidokan Aikido of South Carolina is hosting a seminar by our good friend, Kawakami Sensei. All persons are welcomed to come, regardless if they are affiliated with Seidokan or not. You can find all the information below or on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/events/176191929152947/

If you are interested in coming you can contact our dojo via facebook or our sensei by email at WEDELL@mailbox.sc.edu. I can answer questions as well.

Hope to see you there!

Kawakami Sensei has more than 40 years of training in Aikido along with more than 30 years of training in Zazen. Still teaching in his late 70s, this seminar will emphasize the concept of Masa Katsu Agatsu (true victory self victory). He describes Aikido techniques as a continuous communication between uke and nage and focuses on the principles that should guide that communication. Join us for a special weekend of training.

Friday April 20th
-Aiki development class - 6:00-8:15 PM (Columbia School of Karatedo)
Saturday April 21st
-Aikido 10:00-12:30
-Lunch provided 12:30-2:00
-Aikido 2:00-4:30
-Potluck dinner 7:00-10:30
Sunday April 22nd
-Aikido 11:00-1:15

USC Seidokan Members: Free with dues
Other Seidokan Members: $25 full seminar ($20 Saturday, $10 other days)
Kids: Friday evening $5, Saturday morning only $10 (includes lunch)
Others: $35 full seminar ($25 Saturday, $10 other days)

Saturday and Sunday classes will be held in the lower floor of the Strom
Thurmond Wellness Center on the campus of USC located at the corner of
Assembly Street and Blossom Street. Use parking lots across the street (behind the Coliseum. *Friday class will be at Columbia School of Karate-do (604 Meeting Street West Columbia). For further information contact Doug Wedell (803)-777-4258 / Wedell@sc.edu