View Full Version : It's spring, where are the cherry blossoms?

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03-17-2012, 07:29 AM
Likely not a post you were expecting.

Have perhaps received my cue to make a first post via a dream of finding myself in a room (hangar?) full of Kamikaze pilots. I arrived in that dream pool immediately after heading full speed into a row of trees in a GTO, driven by someone who killed themselves many years ago. In typing this I now realize the message and I may need to change my attitude in some things...

On this theme however, we were wondering if the founder of Aikido ever made a public statement regarding Kamikaze Special Attack Corps and the whole idea of suicide attacks.
There was the officer Motoharu Okomura, in charge of the Ohka squadrons, who threw himself in front of a train in 1948... This man's sense of guilt must have been legendary.

I've the book Thunder Gods and was not myself for many days after reading it. Alto I'm aware that past life astrology is highly problematic one report indicated I was Japanese in the most recent past life. There hasn't been much bleed through in any case so this is moot.

Is it stated, in whatever fashion, that Aikido is a path that helps one to defeat - assimilate - ones' sabotaging shadow self? Is this reading too much into a process that simply centers the student?

Thank you, Mark