View Full Version : Masafumi Sakanishi Sensei Passes Away

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AikiWeb System
02-11-2012, 01:36 PM
Posted 2012-02-11 13:36:41 by Jun Akiyama

Masafumi Sakanishi sensei has passed away in Argentina. Born in 1954, he settled in Argentina in 1978 after studying aikido in Japan with instructors such as Yamaguchi sensei, Kuwamori sensei, Koyama sensei, and others including Kisshomaru Ueshiba sensei. He recently received his 7th dan promotion from Aikikai Hombu dojo in the 2012 kagami biraki promotions.

My condolences go out to his family, friends, students, and loved ones.

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Peter Ralls
02-11-2012, 04:29 PM
I had the opportunity to train at Sakanashi Sensei's dojo in Buenos Aires a number of times and spend time with him when he would bring Kato Sensei to Argentina for seminars. Sakanashi Sensei was a very fine aikidoka, and a very generous and kind person. I had a lot of respect for him, and will truly miss him.

Peter Ralls

Ellis Amdur
02-11-2012, 04:43 PM
This is really a big shock. When I joined Kuwamori Dojo, I had three training brothers: Hatano-kun, Ogawa-kun and Claudio-san. (He was a little senior (though younger than me), so he got the better honorific). We trained together, ate together, and laughed and laughed together. His wife's family included me in family gatherings - picnics, meals and the like. We were family then.

I will write more in one of my IHTBF columns. He got really strong and became a fine teacher. I'm really sad for his family. He's died way too young.

Ellis Amdur

02-11-2012, 08:41 PM
Condolence to his family and students.

Aikido Philippines

02-11-2012, 11:15 PM
We lost yet another great teacher... everytime I hear this I can't help but think of the what if's...

What if this sensei could've lived just ten more years, or even just one? How many people would he have influenced? How many could he have changed?

He went far too soon, left behind far too much.

I can only hope that he died with his family and students all around him, so that he can be at peace knowing that he is not alone and that he has done a great job raising future Aikidoka's.

Marc Abrams
02-13-2012, 06:49 AM
When I use to visit my good friend in Mendoza, I would frequently overnight in Buenos Aires. My teacher, Imaizumi Sensei knew Masafumi Sakanishi Sensei and spoke fondly of him. The one time that I had several days to spend in that city, I sought to take a class with him. He was away teaching .... I missed an opportunity to train with a special person.... That is a regret that I can never make up for. RIP


Marc Abrams