View Full Version : East Coast Aikido Bridge, Orlando FL, 2/24-2/26, 2012

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01-20-2012, 04:58 PM
Posted 2012-01-20 08:10:57 by Stephen Fasen
News URL: http://www.shindai.com

February 24-26,2012 will mark the dates for the third annual East Coast Aikido Bridge at Shindai Aikikai in Orlando, FL. Visit www.Shindai.com for detailed information or see the seminar section of the AikiWeb. This year the featured contributing teachers include, William Gleason (MA), Linda Holiday (CA), Dennis Hooker (FL), Todd Jones (FL),George Ledyard (WA), Ariff Mehter (OH), Greg O'Connor (NJ), and Wendy Whited (IL). The energy and significance are phenomenal, the potential limitless. Join us.

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