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graham christian
01-01-2012, 10:20 PM
Grasshopper: 'Master, why do they call you O'Sensei?'

Master: 'Because I am the Godfather of this art of Aikido.'

Grasshopper: 'But Master, I saw you surrounded by enemies and thought you couldn't survive and yet you emerged unharmed. I saw no technique I recognized and in fact I couldn't work out what you did, was that Aikido?'

Master: 'Grasshopper, the essence is the true Aikido, the spirit, the soul, the true nature.'

Grasshopper: 'I don't understand, so what exactly did you DO?'

Master: I did as all Aikidoka can potentially do. I am the Godfather and so in the spirit of Aikido and all Godfathers I made them an offer they couldn't refuse!'