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12-12-2011, 05:51 PM
Hi all,

Allow me me to share with you a unique website now available in English: Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental.

TAI is the gathering of well-known Aikido figures around Europe such as Philippe Chassang (a Pioneer of Aikido in France, Alain Grason, Philippe Voarino, etc).

As its name suggests, TAI in the lineage of Morihiro Saito sensei. Philippe Voarino (7th dan holder) was uchi deshi in Iwama for years.

The website offers a wide range of technical explanations form the very basis to the most sophisticated movements. A great deal of emphasis is of course put on weapon training and its link with tai jutsu. Such a website is a rarity in Aikido world as it offers for free a deep and first hand information

P.Voarino answers all questions from webnautes around the world in French and English.

Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental (TAI) (http://www.aikidotakemusu.org/en)


Good keiko to all !