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06-23-2002, 10:42 AM
6/23/2002 10:39am [from Chicko Xerri (fudoshin@lagunacom.com.au)]

Bob Gibbon sensei (5th dan, Australia Aikido Kenkyu kai) recently
passed away aged 45. A sevice was held in Newcastle on Saturday, June 22nd.
Bob Gibbon sensei was a founding member of Aikido Kenkyu Kai International, and a long time
student of Yoshinobu Takeda shihan, Aiki kai Kamakura. Many students of Aikido and also people of other martial arts are left with a sense of great remorse after losing such a wonderful and gifted personality.

"Our Universe is blessed with the birth of another bright star". God bless you Bob Gibbon.

Chicko, Fudoshin Aikido Dojo, Sunshine Coast Australia.