View Full Version : Bjorn Eirik Olsen, 6th dan, London 26&27 Nov 2011

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Robert Cowham
11-21-2011, 07:15 AM
Hi All

26 November at 13:30
27 November at 16:30

Organised by Bjorn Sw of Aikido Aive and Robert Cowham of Tetushinkan (Movingeast)

Saturday: Aikido in Karmaa dojo in Camden. 13.30-18.30
Sunday: Aikido in Tetsushinkan Budojo, Movingeast in Hackney. 10.00-15.00

Price: 60.00 for the course which includes both days
50.00 if paid in advance.

For students and low waged, please contact organisers for a discount.

Bjorn Eirik Olsen sensei, 6. Dan Aikikai, has lived, studied, worked and trained in Japan. He has trained at the Hombu and in other places, under great Japanese teachers and direct students of O-Sensei, such as the late Aikido Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru (1921-1999), Osawa Kisaburo (1919-1991), Yamaguchi Seigo (1924-1996), Tada Hiroshi, Arikawa Sadateru (1930-2003), Saito Morihiro (1928-2002), Tanaka Bansen (1912-1988), Abe Seiseki (1915-2011), Suganuma Morito and many others. He has trained in Europe under other great Shihans such as Fujita Masatake and Kanetsuka Minoru. He has trained in a very old and traditional school of Japanese swordsmanship, called Kashima Shin-ryu under Inaba Minoru sensei and he has studied different yoga schools and chi-kung. He accompanied Doshu Kisshomaru and Osawa sensei demonstrating in front of the Norwegian Prince and Princess at Hombu, in 1988.

Mr. Olsen is one of the few Europeans who know Japan and the Japanese language well and it is always educative for Aikido enthusiasts to be taught Aikido by people who actually know the natural environment of Aikido. He knows how to transmit the Japanese cultural context to westerners so that the nature of Aikido and its progression can be easier understood - it is more than just techniques.

Olsen sensei is Technical Director of the Norwegian Aikido Federation, which is a member of the International Aikido Federation and founder and chief instructor of the Tenshinkan dojo in Oslo and Reimeikan dojo in Tromso. He has received the Japanese order "The Order of The Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon" and he has written several research reports about Japan, Asian markets, business and culture.

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