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06-20-2002, 12:58 PM
6/20/2002 12:58pm [from Jun Akiyama (akiy@aikiweb.com)]
Website: http://www.ki-society.or.jp/

I just got word that the official Ki Society (http://www.ki-society.or.jp/) (Ki No Kenkyukai) website is now up and running. There's a section on the website that's in English, although it's not as extensive as its Japanese counterpart.

06-29-2002, 06:49 AM
Hi, again...


I used to post here, sometime, maybe, around last year. But, then, I discontinued attending my Ki Aikido classes due to suffering from sciatica(lower back/hip/thigh pain).

However, none of my sheer enthusiasm, and, deep passionate -lifetime- love for martial arts...(and, especially, for the art of Aikido)... has ever diminished not even one single bit...although, I haven't been going along to attend Ki Aikido classes, anymore.

To me, it's very strange in a way...because, you see I feel quite strongly that anyone who merely comes across Aikido is likely to feel that the art deeply affects them for all the rest of their entire life...whether they do actually practice it, or, not! Or, at least, that's exactly what it did for me coming across it, anyway! Teaching me how to NOT FIGHT...instead, blend in/go with the flow/relax/let go/don't give in to fighting agression with the like agression, instead, merely seek to -like a sudden flame going out of control- smother/then, completely neutralize it! All fantastic lessons for me. To use both inside/outside of the dojo.

Many times, instead, of fighting with a person...and, getting into a really big blown up argument...with us both getting more and more worked up through clasing heads togeather neither one wish to give the other way...I tell myself to use Aikido principles...and, first, practice doing a side step, instead, to any agression...by me deliberately choosing to say, sorry, first...even when I know it's them that are in the wrong...and, in this way, I've found I can completely avoid getting myself into having a really big fight...as my opponent cools down...thinking he's won, already, as I didn't reist against him! Merely give way to force, don't go try clashing with it directly head on...for, then, the battle may just get worse and worse still!


Er...other arts I've been interested, and, have practiced, ocassionally, lately...have been Tai Chi/and, Renshinkai Karate. Which are both being taught to me entirely for FREE, luckily enough.


I met the Tai Chi teacher inside of Brockwell park...and, his name is sifu(teacher)Chen Shao Ming; he is a student of English visiting this country directly from China...too, he comes from the Shaolin temple...the deal is that he teaches some Tai Chi...and, I teach him how to speak far better English. He also teaches me some few words of Chinese, by the way. I phone him, and, then, if he's free we both go over to the park to practice togeather.

Er, for me, a total complete beginner...I can quite clearly see that learning Tai Chi is going to be a really difficult long slow process...just through having to remember all of those moves??? It's like Karate kata...only slower, and, much more smooth...and is, really and truly, beautiful to see a master performing. But, of course, I'm not that smooth, yet...and, I forget...so, I always feel like I'm making a total mess of it all?! But, the teacher is both friendly/patient...and, just starts from scratch, all over, again...whilst I follow along attempting to imitate his moves.

The Tai Chi I've found is rather similar to using the principles of 'soft' Aikido...flow by going along with the force/instead, of fighting hard against it. Namely, whenever pulled-push/whenever pushed-pull.


I was passing along Lambeth Road/near Lambeth Bridge...when I saw a sign advertising martial arts lessons...so, I then saw a guy sitting around inside of his car...and, he said he is the instructor. Sensei Williams is his name, from Jamaica, 5th dan...and, he told me lessons are FREE...but, I do have to pay a yearly registration fee with BASKA-British All Styles Karate Association...which I've already gone and done.

The Karate, on the other hand, I'm doing merely to gain both a certain degree of fitness...thus, preparing me to be able to practice other martial arts...and, also, to gain some insight into what it's like to go learn my first 'hard' style. Though, mostly, it's just been practicing kata/and, doing moves by working out on air/also, did some hitting hand held focus pads work, as well.


The last martial arts related video I brought was called: Koryu No Kata (Tomiki Style Aikido kata)...demonstrated by an Aikidoka lady called: Dr. Lee Ah Loi 7th Dan. And, that was just merely a few weeks back. Thus, you can see I'm still remain very highly interested in Aikido. In fact, quite honestly, I would alreay have brought up ALL of the Aikido related videos in the whole wide world if I could only ever afford it...but, being unemployed...I have to spend money rather sparingly; and, also, watch my budget, very carefully, indeed.


I did go along to watch another Ki Aikido lesson, recently. And, to explain to my teacher what's been happening to me with my bad back. Also, I'm getting ready to return to participating in Ki Aikido classes, again, once more...as my back seems to have recovered quite a lot...maybe, by next week, hopefully...Tuesday, and, Thursday.


Of course, when I saw the link to Ki Aikido being listed on the front page of this web site I just had to click there. It lead me to what I consider to be a truly GREAT web site(meaning one I certainly would never wish to have missed), so thanks very much for sharing the link. I went there, and, learnt far more about the origins of my own Ki Aikido school. Very highly interesting, indeed, learning much more about Professor Kenji Tomiki./-Etc.

07-02-2002, 01:35 PM
Hi, again...


I mentioned at the end of my last posting...that I had visited the Ki Aikido site...and, then, went on to mention...Prof. Kenji Tomiki...sorry, I noticed the mistake far too late! Of course, I should have said, Koichi Tohei./-Sorry!



...I found the above link whilst surfing through AOL homepages...having used search word: Aikido. The above site offers Ki Aikido info. on its pages...which I thought was very good...very short/simple/sweet./;-)