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06-12-2002, 07:09 PM
Dear Aikido Lovers,
I have a few items for sale that might interest you: THE AIKI NEWS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AIKIDO $20.00 Paperback; TRAINING WITH THE MASTER $22.00 Hardback; THE SECRETS OF AIKIDO $22.00 Hardback; ABUNDANT PEACE $10.00 Paperback; BUDO $10.00 Paperback; BUDO TRAINING IN AIKIDO $18.00 Paperback; THE SPIRIT OF AIKIDO $12.50 Hardback; THE HIDDEN ROOTS OF AIKIDO $25.00 Hardback; INVINCIBLE WARRIOR $25.00 Hardback; THE ESSENCE OF AIKIDO $25.00 Hardback; 14 Issues of AKI NEWS/AIKIDO JOURNAL: Numbers: 97, 99, 100, 105, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117 & 118 $5.00 Each or $60.00 for All; A CUSTOM MADE JO 51" in White Ash (I Think, Sorry I can't remember), Heavily Figured Dark/Light Wood cost me $75.00, I will sell for $50.00; BU JIN DESIGNS AIKIDO DOGI Size Medium, I am 5'8", 180lbs with a Muscular Build and it fits me Great (Worn Only 3 Times, No Stains, Rips, Tears or Defects - AS NEW!!!!), this Dogi Cost me over $160.00, but I will sell it for $95.00. I have a Reacurring Back Injury that has prevented me from continuing with my Aikido Training, I hope that someone out there can use some of what I'm offering. All of the Above Books, Magazines, Etc. are in AS NEW Condition, All Hardbacks come with Dust-jackets. Shipping is Extra, the More you Buy the Better Deal I'll give you. Please e-mail me with Any Questions. I am only going to let this offer stand for 1-1/2 Weeks, after that I will sell them to someone else. Thank You for looking. Please Take Care. Yours,
Jonathan B. Pons