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Luis Gustavo Ramirez M.
07-25-2011, 06:52 PM
If you think this reading is not for you, keep reading, maybe it is.

The makiwara, which in Japanese means literally roll of straw is a device created in Okinawa in order to harden and strengthen the body parts that were to be used in combat. It consists of a table or hard pole inserted into the ground and its top is wrapped in rope or straw.

The procedure involves giving a few goals on him every day fist, this is going on with creating a strong fell causing the resistance and strengthening of the bone (Wolf Law 1892), in addition to condition the correct posture of attack. This will allow the practitioner after a time, to achieve the breaking of boards, bricks and other materials with the strength and skill of their hands, feet or elbows.

Thus, compared with the practice of makiwara, there are events and experiences in our lives that our hearts beat, and although these experiences should not be more relevant, we give more importance than they have and our mind is bringing them into memory every day, constantly and aggravated whenever we feel tired, overwhelmed, dry, depressed, or when the new experiences that we face are similar to people or events.

Thus the phrase that struck us, the cry that we discouraged or angry, the teacher who ridiculed us, peers who mocked, scorned love for us, the boss who mistreated us, the inexperience of our parents to raise us (because born not learned) and many other experiences we left a mark, remembering back to live, and poison our hearts in us forming a shell that takes away the sensitivity and prevents us from moving freely and live in peace.

Proverbs Chapter 4, Verse 23 says, "Above all things Keep your heart because it emanates from life." And indeed if we are not careful whenever we remember bad times, or resent what we did, we harden our hearts and we just grow up, do not enjoy our surroundings and also inadvertently hurt our loved ones, all for thinking our bad experiences.

Returning to makiwara fell for the hard layer of skin or disappear from our body what to do is stop beating for a time not too long and inflammation and abnormal size of his hands quickly disappears, but a matter of choice: decide and you hit stop.

That's us: either we live to remember the bad and we are filled with things that hinder us or decide to forgive and bless those who hurt us and begin to grow.

Bad memories are a hindrance to proper growth, is like a sore that heals and brings us no infection. That bad seed of resentment and hatred born chronic diseases, depression, skin problems, rheumatism, sinusitis and others.

The past influence our present, we can not restore or remedy, but the future depends on what we do today. If we decide to clear the ground (our heart) and plant a good seed (love, understanding, forgiveness) reap a good harvest of joy, peace and good living, so we ask God to help us fulfill our dreams. There is nothing more delicious to eat and sleep in peace indeed!

My friend, my friend, we must clean our land to make land fertile for sowing the good things to come. If you have a chest full of rust and dirt to keep the good will get dirty, if it is something, then we empty the chest clean our hearts and decisively.

It is a decision: the practical way to master the mind. That's pure light to reach: the way of the warrior. So God can bring blessings in new packaging, in new wineskin: in our new self.

Who are not perfect and neither hurt us is no point to continue taking and just as we remember bitter: I keep old and new I weigh too much, you have to drop the old man: let him go, if we do not we will end up destroying little by little. The word of God is clear: "So if anyone is in Christ a new creature, old things passed away, behold all things are become new" (II Corinthians 5:17). So what are you waiting for?

God bless you

Written by:
Luis Gustavo Ramírez M.
Renshi, Aikido Fuku Shidoin