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Anthony Loeppert
07-24-2011, 10:34 AM
There is nothing extremely graphic (i.e. no lives lost, maiming, excessive blood) but if you are a young person this post might not be for you.

One of these guys (http://youtu.be/uBNWd_Xd2pA) is both a team player and highly motivated go-getter with leadership skills.

Anyway, a perspective most of us (thankfully) will not encounter.

This clip demonstrates (http://youtu.be/Rgurbo_4bqg) if you don't know the customs or culture of your environment some basic awareness training might have come in handy. Another lesson I took from this: if there is a body of water near-by and you are facing a dire situation against land-based opponents, by all means jump-in before you take damage.**

Interesting thought:
So you want to be 10th Dan of X? Here play with these slightly agitated chimpanzees for 5 minutes. Somehow they have the idea you're the reason why they haven't been fed all day. hajime!

Thank you for the time to read this slightly silly post.

** assumption - water is not filled with crocodiles.

07-26-2011, 12:28 PM
You can also control the location of the area that you chose to engage the fight in. For instance, when fighting off an attacking dog, get up onto the top of a car. Dogs have poor traction on a slick paint job, not to mention they can be easily kicked or pushed off the car. ake the location in which your enemy must fight you as awkward and undesirable for him as possible.