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07-15-2011, 07:46 AM

Just to introduce myself, I've recently moved to Bristol (UK) and am trying to find one or two people here who might be interested in practising with me. I started off in Hakko-ryu aikijujitsu, but while in Japan for 2 years I joined Muden Juku, and this is what I'd like to focus on.

If you're interested have a look at this article and at the youtube link below:

Iida sensei was taught by Kodo Horikawa (and was a shihan in the Kodokai). He established Muden Juku in 2001, to focus on the aiki techniques as opposed to the jujutsu. There is a branch in Finland (we were to have a seminar this year but this had to be abandoned following the earthquake and tsunami). We're not really established in the UK yet - though I have a friend in Deal, Kent who runs a small dojo and is also training in this.

The training is great for all ages! Please do get in touch with me at mudenuk@gmail.com and we'll try and set something up.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!

Best regards, Ed

oisin bourke
07-19-2011, 07:28 AM
Hi Ed!

Good to see you on the forum!

For those who might be Interested, I was friends with Ed and we trained together for a number of years directly under Hiroo Iida, the shihan of Muden Juku, here in Sapporo. During the time he was in Sapporo NO-ONE trained more often or had more direct hands on time with Iida Sensei than Ed. His proficiency in Japanese and his strong background in Hakko Ryu jujutsu enabled him to grasp the basics of this very subtle martial art quickly. He has also learned the essential honkyoku of the Myoan Ryu shakuhachi directly from a menkyo kaiden level teacher.

He is also a great cook.

Anyway, if you are interested in experiencing authentic Daito Ryu, Ed is one of the few people in the UK with any sort of experience in the art.

Oisin Bourke

07-21-2011, 08:02 AM
Thanks for the vote Oisin - though I should say I have now been relegated to the position of weekend cook. Let's catch up soon!

PS to all - obviously I'm in Bristol but if there are any Kentish-types out there who like to get in touch with my friend in Deal let me know. Actually he's probably on this forum somewhere - just need to track him down!