View Full Version : July 27th-August 3rd 2011: 2011 Koretoshi Maruyama Shindo/Aikido Seminar in Hawaii

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Chris Li
05-30-2011, 09:50 PM
LIHUI AIKIDO YUISHINKAI will be hosting the First International Shindo Seminar which will highlight Maruyama Sensei offering the : "Healing Light of Aikido Yuishinkai". Sensei considers this work: "suitable for the foundation practice for Aikido Yuishinkai, as well as very effective "healing modality". He has taught 'bits and pieces' of this at the regular Seminars he has led in Hawaii in the last few years. This will be more of an expansion on that work, detailing the specifics a lot more. For aikidoka over 40, this will be promising information, as we are all getting wiser and wider.

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