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graham christian
05-15-2011, 08:10 PM
This week I had a nice surprise at Aikido. A student who had moved away came back to visit. He had been training at another dojo he had found and so it was good to hear his views and what he made of it and what he had learned.

I don't want to name the style but suffice to say it is a well known respected style.

He said how it was so different. It was much more regimented, all the dojo etiquette strictly adhered to in a very precise manner. All the techniques done 'differently' to how we do them, all very physical and 'real'

He wasn't allowed to wear his hakama and was now a 'beginner'

He laughed as he told me there was no spiritual and it was all very serious.

On asking what he had learned so far he wasn't sure except that it was the 'physical' way. I told him to enjoy it for there is always something to learn and told him he must at least be doing more breakfalls to which he replied yes, he has to the way they do it.

He showed me their way of holding, very firm grip, how even the yokomen were different as you had to have your other hand up as you attacked as a sort of guard, kotegaishe done from taisabake in a totally different way. All confusing to him yet memories to me.

We had fun going through it all and me explaining the pros and cons. Fascinating.

As an aside he did say that he broke my rule a few times and got in trouble by the teacher. My rule is when training elsewhere respect their rules and behave accordingly and leave what you know at the door. He said he couldn't help doing some things the way we did them and always with success but followed by admonishment by the teacher who would only tell him we don't do that here. That made me smile, especially as no one questioned how come it worked so easily, effortlessly, by a 'beginner.'

Just an interesting story.

Regards G.