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graham christian
04-01-2011, 06:35 PM
Hi everyone.

I was just thinking about the past threads on IP and going to train in other things to help your Aikido and it made me wonder about the reverse so to speak.

Years ago a lady came to do Aikido who had been doing Tai Chi for ten years. After one lesson she asked me if she could do private lessons with me as she found that my attitude to Ki and how it applied to motion and technique was what she needed to improve her Tai Chi.

This story had a funny ending too. She had one private lesson strictly on Aikido per week but after the lesson she would present me with a problem she was having in her Tai Chi practice. As she put it-'with doing techniques with her masters'

I would listen, join in with what she wanted me to do and then give her the solution. It was funny because I had to see beyond the terminology of chasing dragons tails etc.

Two months passed and she was bubbling because she would return to her classes and be able to do the techniques on her 'masters' and so they were giving her harder and harder tests.

Then one day she came and looked a bit nervouse and on my enquiry proceeded to tell me that her 'masters' had a meeting and demanded she tell them who was telling her their secrets. She thought she had gotten me into trouble. I told her to give them a message from me and that the secret is there should be no secrets.

For a while I thought maybe I had offended some chinese secret society or something.

Anyway, I have helped many people from other martial arts who came to learn some aspect of Aikido which they thought would help them in theirs and it always did. From a kung fu Teacher in north london who ran three schools of his own who wanted to learn our concept of center to a taikwondo practitioner who wanted to get into the olympic team.(and did)

So I thought I'd start this thread so that those who wish could share their experiences with each other.


Diana Frese
04-02-2011, 02:12 AM
Wow that is such a great story, plus the fact that others you mentioned have come to you for help from Aikido for their martial arts. My friends studied Kung Fu with a Hungarian businessman years ago who had learned in China, actually my husband was also in that class so I will tell them about it. Also we liked the Chinese movies which used to be shown Saturdays at three p.m. on tv with tales of secret scrolls, secret techniques etc.

But the funny story isn't about a martial artist... There I was at my local Y, and I found out being a teacher required a lot of watching so I began to understand my own teacher because I had to do the same thing I had seen him doing. And I couldn't get to NY very often to get really thrown around by people... After I attended a seminar, in Florida my host and hostess took me and their kids to Sea World where I saw Shamu the Killer Whale.

That really inspired me. He was really large, but graceful and I decided I could do that too if I went home and took up water exercises back at the Y.

There were several older ladies in the class and one of them was a Danish lady who had been in this country for many years. I don't know what her main job was but as a sideline she did Scandinavian massage at the Y so I took a session for whatever muscle ache was bothering me. She mentioned she had trouble with her shoulder. I kind of sensed I might know something that would help, and it did. Sankyo.

Come to think of it, since then my husband, and even my in-laws' friends have found that sankyo helps stiff shoulders.

Aikido doesn't just help people with their martial arts! You could write a best seller called The Healing Power of.....Kansetsu. April Fools is already over, so this is real.

Now I am hoping to read your stories more connected with martial arts, but maybe mine is also a good suggestion you can use to help your friends, even if they aren't martial artists. If they trust you...

04-02-2011, 06:23 AM
Just wondering what IP is?

graham christian
04-02-2011, 06:43 AM
Hi Diana, nice story. I do ki-atsu, maybe I should add sankyo to the repertoire.

Hi Gornall. IP stands for internal power, also called internal strength. It's something quite a few Aikidoka have been investigating, going to seminars run by some people who teach it.

I think you can find them advertising under non-aikido martial traditions. To know more get in touch with one of them. Two names I remember off hand are Dan Harden and Howard Popkin.


04-02-2011, 12:06 PM
Thanks Graham was wondering what it was after seeing it mentioned in a couple of threads.