View Full Version : Bujin Design dogi top vs. traditional dogi top

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Hanna B
03-08-2011, 09:32 AM
Is there anyone out there who has both a Bujin Design dogi top and a more traditional one at home, and who feels like helping me with a comparison? I used to have a BD top, but I threw out all my aikido stuff some years ago (when it was way to small, and I had no plans to return).

The way I remember it, the BD tops do not have those typical thick seams. Instead, it has a lining. Do the front flaps have a vertical seam, pretty much mid-belly, like the traditional one?

What about arms and shoulders? Is the front and back of the top one piece, or is the shoulder line slightly angled? If you put the dogi top flat on a table, are the arms perpendicular to the body?

I own a slightly modified dogi pattern, where the front and back is one piece. You cut it open in front, add flaps, and sew the sides together. It seems to me that the traditional design, made from several pieces of pretty geometrical form, propably is a design based on fabric woven in pretty narrow looms. You could make it from fabric about 50 cm wide, or less. But today, with much wider fabric widths, perhaps some things could be done in better ways.

Janet Rosen
03-08-2011, 10:27 AM
I'll check mine tonight when I get home....To answer one question I know well, yes, it is a "karate gi" style with a vertical seam near the center front and a separate triangular piece providing the front "flap".