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George S. Ledyard
10-21-2010, 07:41 PM
November 5th - 7th at Aikido Heiwa in Lynnwood. WA
Seminar Info (http://www.aikidoheiwa.com/flyer.html)

November 28th 1-Day Atemi Waza Seminar at Aikido Eastside - FREE
On-line Info and Regsitration (http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb562321327)

Dec 2nd Kulshan Aikikai in Bellingham, WA (one class)
Seminar Info (http://www.kulshanaikikai.org/images/Ledyard%20Fall%20Seminar%202010.pdf)

December 3rd - 5th at Gibsons Aikido Dojo in BC
Seminar Info (http://www.gibsonsaikido.com/ledyard.pdf)

December 26th - January 1st ASU Winter Camp in St Pete
Winter Intensive Info and Schedule (http://winterintensive.com/)