View Full Version : Why Aikido is Spiritual Purification; Misogi.

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Aikido Alive
10-07-2010, 02:20 AM
Aikido lays a foundation on moral and ethical principles. Sensitivity in interaction, in a mutual relationship. Blending in harmony with potential conflict. Aiki, or awase is the key word.
All religions build their philosophy on a sound moral foundation. Sila in Buddhism, the Ten Commandments in Judaism and Christianity. The moral foundation is a must for further progress in spiritual understanding. Aikido employs this attitude in its encounters with the other. We train every day to open, to receive, to blend, to interact. We practice non-violence in our physical encounters. We practice self-discipline and proper conduct, we train in listening and in becoming sensitive. Respect and quietude in learning form and posture, becoming at ease in our bodies. Stillness in being and composure in motion. This Misogi, this spiritual purification teaches us to hold ourselves to a higher standard in order to be able to appreciate and understand more subtle and more deeper truths about Life. We lay a foundation upon which we can build a greater understanding of ourselves and of relationships.