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Andrew Macdonald
09-23-2010, 12:20 AM
have a short break from the dojo for a few reason and i have had time to do a little thinking

no art is perfect so I quickly put down what i like and don;t like about Aiki

3 things i don;t like
1. prescribed responses from uke
2. too fuch focus on the techniques without regard for timing and other fighting skills
3. too much conversation about what could or would happen if a person moves incorrectly. I once had a black belt stand and explain to me that there was no way i could have hit him, even thoough i just did

3 thinks i like abut aikido
1. very good techniques
2. entering (all marital arts should study entering and unbalancing)
3. dynamic techniques, a person is dealing with force rather than 'dead attacks' what i see in many ju jistu schools of a person
just holding but not moving

i would like to know other people like/dislike lists

09-23-2010, 02:37 AM
Personal likes:

I really like the practice. It has something to it that other activities dont have.
The flow that can arise during focused classes
The feeling of being centered.


Instructors that talk about "what actually works" while demonstrating it with a cooperative uke
Dishonest tori and nage
The feeling of being a LARP
The lack of kata and alive training. The training is caught somewhere in the middle.

Oh, some marital arts I know of do focus on entering ;)

2. entering (all marital arts should study entering and unbalancing)

09-28-2010, 06:13 PM
*The peaceful and passive nature of the art
*The focus of inner strength and self awareness
*The ease and grace of techniques as to flow like a dance
*The amount of intriguing history and evolution of the art as a whole

*Although practical in it's own regards, on its own, not the most effective in a street situation unless one has been a serious practitioner or at least has been using "practical" over "traditional" training for a longer duration of time
*Nigh impossible to have practical practice by ones' self
*Tends to attract a lot of "power players"; ie, a lot of practitioners of boxing or other "hard" arts who insist that the techniques can be mostly strength rather than flow and the use of momentum and inertia