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Uujim Tal
09-16-2010, 06:28 AM
Dear friends,

first of all I apologize for my english, but I am not a native speaker, and it will be very hard talking you about something that is not easy even in my language. Please, use your heart and your thought in order to provide for my lacks.

On October a horse will leave from Abashiri, in Hokkaido, when the first snow is falling, to cross Japan as far as the southern coasts of Kyushu.
It does not matter who will ride that horse, what is important is the meaning and the goal.

This travel wants be a gesture of rispect and friendship towards a culture which gave much to many of us. That is why it could not be something exclusive of an individual.
That is way it was thought to announce a collection in order to buy that horse on behalf of not an individual but of a unity of men who owe to this culture at least a little bit of their studies, their admiration and their valours.
Nevertheless money is not the point at all. That rider is already buying that horse, and if it will be left alone, he will sale the horse in Kagoshima, pretty much at the same price. All the others charges will be paied by the rider, without asking anything to anyone.

The only reason of this collection is that even in a single act, the union of many can do much more than a single person.
Cross a country by horse is nothing compared to that.
440 foreigners will be the owner of the horse who will go through that country, through its history, through its future, through its soul.
Owned by not an individual, but by an ideal.
That gesture of thanks, towards a culture which we learnt from, means also the will that its spirit must not die under the boot of civilization, that people can do something just for a believing, and not for money. Maybe it could seem to you something fool, an uthopia, but this uthopia is right now in our hands.
That horse and that travel are true. The rider will leave and he is determined. That horse, at the end of the trip, will be donate to the japanese people.

Some Japanese are organizing some event long the path, as an excuse to remember their past, and dream the future.
We called these 440 persons the hachimaki, from the bandana that means loyalty to own ideals. There is a group on facebook, born right now ("the 440 hchimaki and friends"), and a modest site will come to give all the information.

I would like tell you a lot of things, but time and skills do not allowed. I want just tell you that this is not a project to please someone and its vanity. The 440 hachimaki don't have a boss, and what are called to do is not a "donation", but something more.
It is a pact, to make the ideals who move us stronger, a first adventure of other many others, one for all and all for one, a first battle, maybe small, maybe useless by itself, but we have the chance to play it.

You are the first to be called, because martial arts, the real martial arts, must feel for first a sense of duty in front of the future we are facing. And especially aikido. We can learn tecniques, we can know the names of hundreds of sensei, but we must also fight for our "res publica", and give to ourselves and to those ones younger than us the hope and the will of continuing the battle for a better world. All the paoples know approximately what kind of world is this one, even if most of us lost the will for fighting: peaceflu, juste, freed from any tyrannies, harmonized.

Whoever feel this duty, is called to be one of the 440 hachimaki in this adventure. If servants reach what they want, because they know that they have to reach a single goal, and then an other bigger, if servants know that, it is a shame that free men are not able to do as much.

Talk about this message in your dojos, amongs your friends: nobody has the copyright.
WRITE ME AT THIS E-MAIL ADRESS: uujimtal@gmail.com
You don't have to join the collection now: only when the trip is start and when you will have all the garancies. Now you have to say that you are here and that you want to be amongs the 440 hachimaki.
Come on, let's leave to our sons some stories to tell:)

Thank you for your attention.