View Full Version : Philly Ki-Aikido Seminar(Sep 12 2010) with Terry Pierce sensei 7th Dan

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08-31-2010, 01:08 PM
The seminar is to teach Koichi Tohei sensei's Ki principles and applications to Aikido. It's open to all martial artists, regardless of rank or affiliation.

Terry Pierce sensei is a 7th degree blackbelt in Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, a direct student of Koichi Tohei sensei (the only 10th dan from Osensei).

Terry Pierce has 50 years of Aikido experience,

In 1960, he began studying Aikido and later co-founded the N.J. Aikikai in Merchantville, N.J.
In 1968, he became the Chief Instructor of the South Jersey Aikikai on Long Beach Island, N.J.
In 1974, he founded the N.J. Ki Society in Riverton, N.J.

Please send emails to phillykiaikido@gmail.com to register.
When: Sunday September 12th 2010, 9:00-10:50, 11:00-1:00pm
Where: 325 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Contact: phillykiaikido@gmail.com
Fee: $25 per person (cash preferred)