View Full Version : Tenshin Dojo Fujitani Shihan coming to Shoubu Dojo in Tucson!

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Billy the Kid
08-21-2010, 01:30 PM

September 18th
3:30 -5:30pm
Ultima Self-Defense and Fitness
TUCSON, AZ 85710

Aikido Shoubu Dojo presents:

Fujitani Shihan is one of the highest ranking female Aikido Teachers in Japan and has been teaching Aikido for over 40 years. Also known for her marriage with action star Steven Seagal, she continues to instruct Aikido at the Tenshin Dojo, and is doing a limited number of seminars in the Southwest United States. Make sure to take advantage of her incredible technique and unique experiences not only as a woman gaining popularity in an art dominated by men, but taking those men and carving them out of steel.
Action star Steven Seagal and Fujitani Shihan's son, Kentaro Seagal, has taken the art of the sword to a new level. He is coming from his Los Angeles dojo to give us a glimpse of the mastery possible with the Japanese blade. With these two masters together, this will be an event you won't forget!
For more information, see www.shoubudojo.com